What are Press On Nails and Why you should buy them?

What are Press On Nails and Why you should buy them?

What are Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails UK?

Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails are False Nails that you glue on yourself at home with our Press On Nails Prep Kit provided with each Purchase.

You can express yourself through your nails, with our range of different Stick On Nails shapes and lengths. 

We provide ready made False Nails Designs or Custom False Nails Sets;

Long Fake Nails; (Stiletto False Nails, Medium Coffin False Nails, Medium Square False Nails, Almond Shape Nails)

Short False Nails; (Short Round Nails, Natural Almond Nails, Short Square Nails) you can find the shape that you desire by selecting the ' I like... collection in the shop menu' or purchase our Press On Nails Shape Finder Kit.

Why Youaregoldbeauty and not the Drugstore?

Youaregoldbeauty is proud to be able to provide Nail Salon Quality Fake Nails.

There are many types of Glue on Nails. You can buy Glue On False Nails from the Drugstore however these Impress Nails are not Luxury Salon Quality and often do not last very long. I have done a video comparison touching on all the differences between Drugstore Fake Nails and Youaregoldbeauty Nails. Sometimes with cheap nails you get what you pay for.

You can find my comparison video here 

Why should I use Stick On Nails instead of going to the Nail Salon?

The Nail Salon has its own Market as does Press On Nails, although we provide the same end look, we ultimately sell different products. The Nail Salon is perfect for those who can get their nails done on a regular basis and can afford to do so. The Nail Salon provides a face to face service and apply your desired Acrylic Nails directly onto your hands.

Buying Luxury Press On Nails online is a perfect, cheaper alternative for those who cant get their nails done on a regular basis because of their, profession/studies/religion or affordability.

Press On Nails allow anyone to freely install and take off their Press On Nails whenever they please, whereas Salon installed nails are there to stay until professionally taken off (usually with a charge) so just weekend or occasion wear is not an option like Press on False Nails.

Stick On Nails with the right prep are supposed to last up to 14+ days, they just like Salon Acrylic Nails will grow out, Instead of infills you can use the set again by reapplying or switch up your look and use a different set. Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails can be stored away and reapplied up to 5 times and also lets not forget its free to install over and over again.

In conclusion;

If you like to stay looking cute or want your nails done for a special occasion and like to save money then you should buy false nails at https://youaregoldbeauty.co.uk/. We recommend you purchase our one off Press On Nails Sizing Kit to get the perfect fit for a long lasting manicure.

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