Can I order a custom set not available on your website?

Yes! We welcome individuality here! once you've ordered your Press On Nails Uk sizing kit/determined your correct size then your ready to place an order.

Custom order requests can be placed Via email at; youaregoldbeauty@hotmail.com or via Instagram DM @youaregoldbeauty.

 You must message me directly your False Nails order request must include;

  • Your False Nails Design request (please include any and all relevant pictures for your order)
  • False Nails Desired Shape, False Nails Sizes (XS, Small, Medium, Large)
  • Base colour preference 
  • Custom False Nails Sets are available for order Monday-Friday. Once orders are filled for the week, orders will be closed until the following Monday. I do not take orders over the weekend.

Please be advised that custom sets can Varey in pricing. depending on how intricate your design is and how many products are used.  


How Do I Know What Size I Need?

Our Press On Nails Uk Sizing kit is advised for all new customers! Your sizing kit will include 1 nail in each size of the shape you requested. However if you do not wish to purchase a sizing kit you can use our Press On Nails UK Sizing Guide provided in the Menu tab (please read and understand our incorrect sizing policy)

Make sure you are sizing on your natural nails and doing each nail individually. If you have any questions be sure to contact us further with your query.


How Do I Apply My Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails?

A step by step guide and complimentary prep kit is provided with each Press on Nails set purchase.

You have 2 Application options -

  • Liquid Glue Application - This application is meant to last up to 14+ days. Full instructions on the application/removal card you receive.
  • Temporary Glue Tabs - This application is meant to last around 1-3 days. Follow the same prep steps for the liquid glue just use the correct size glue tab instead when applying.


How Do I Remove My Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails?

If using liquid glue please remember that with proper application they are meant to last at least 2 weeks, do not try to remove glued on nails by pulling or biting! this can cause damage to your natural nails and damage your purchased set. 

If you need your nails off anytime before 10 days please refer to your application/removal instructions card received with your set.

If using temporary glue tabs they are safely removed when soaked in soapy warm water for 3minutes and oil.


Is Glue Included With My Order?

Yes! Every order by Youaregoldbeauty comes with a complimentary Prep Kit that includes;

  • Liquid Nail Glue
  • Nail File/Buffer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Temporary Nail Tabs
  • Nail Prep Alcohol Wipe
  • Step by Step guide of how to apply/removal.

We  are currently adding a little extra Free Gift with each purchase of Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails.


What Are The Nails Made Of?

Every set of Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails are made from 100% soft gel full cover tips


What Shapes Do You Have?

  • Extra Short Square Nails, Extra Short Almond Nails
  • Medium Square Nails,  Almond Nails, Coffin Nails, Stiletto Nails

If you’re not sure what shape will work best for you or you’re looking to switch up your style, I recommend purchasing our Press On Nails UK Shape Finder Kit!


How Long do Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails Last and are they reusable?

Youaregoldbeauty Press On Nails, are hand made with durability being the first priority! With proper prep and application they can last up to 14+ days with liquid glue. They are reusable with proper removal and care on average up to 5 times.

What if the nails in my sizing kit don’t fit?

Everyone’s nails are uniquely different! our goal has always been to make your experience at Youaregoldbeauty fully tailored to you and your nail needs. There’s plenty of ways we can customize your Press On Nails to make them work better for you. However if you have clubbed nail beds or severely down turned nails or severely damaged nails that require medical attention press on nails might not be the best fit for you.